Trust in God, AA Version

Trust in God, AA version
Don’t spend your time trying to be perfect, you will fail everytime
And even though I know this, perfection is always on my mind
I stand in the corner and wait for relief
The pain is so deep and even though I told her she stands there in disbelief
Now how can we fix this? Oh yes pray to God
It feels like my problems are beating me with a rod
When urges are high and faith is low
You won’t believe how far this disease will go
How can I conquer it when it calls my name
It doesn’t matter it will come out sunshine or rain
Follow the program and work the steps
Pray to God and ask him the best way to get you out of yourself
No one can save me if I don’t want to be saved
They during a moment of clarity I found my journey is paved
God won’t fail me so I just focus on that
I have come this far and I can’t turn back
Don’t pick up a drink so I won’t get drunk
Just stop for a second to look at all the tools in ur trunk
How can this take place with such little faith
Yes it will hurt that is just the way it is
Just keep down the right path and you will find your reason to live
When you fall just get backup
The devil is busy so don’t let him interrupt
Make me better Lord so I can better serve You
Keep me sane Lord even if its just enough to make it through
As I drop to my knees I say the Serenity Prayer
Its one day at a time even when the days don’t seem fair

Tera Gurl


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