Loss and Change

I felt the loss of the change and the change seemed like a loss

Its only by fate that our paths will cross.

Why count your blessings there is just no point

God has all the power down to the soul, body and joint

How can I trust him when I just can’t win

Wanted so badly to stand out but now all I want to do is blend in

I asked God to change me because I don’t like who I am

My mother asked me “Why I don’t like myself when God made me in the image of Hm?”

One day Im fine then the next day Im not

Its like I want all my progress now, right here on the spot

I lose a piece of myself with every cut

I have my answer ready yet there is always a “but”

Change means pain and pain means blame

Is it really worth it or should everything stay the same

Come out of the closet and stand up to the past

And when people ask who you are take off the mask

I can’t control it the loss is real

Sometimes I don’tt want to but everyday I feel

Have I lost Shatera or is she just getting well

What if I don’t like the parts of her that will dwell

Bring all the parts of you and also bring the shame

When God gets done you will be different but they will call you the same name

They say have patience these things take time

How can I stand to wait when loss and change are always on my mind

Somethings I will lose and somethings I will gain

Somethings will hurt me because I don’t want them to change

How can I grow how can I fly if I carry this baggage with me till I die

Come to terms and make a promise to yourself

When it presents itself take all the help

Let God lead your life and do his will

Even with the loss and change don’t let the negativity cup over fill


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