Forget about tomorrow

Can’t stop the pain cause the pain won’t stop
It hurt so bad and in more than one spot
I wonder when I cry do people hear me
Probably not cuz I cry alone so they don’t know but just let me be
It’s like my goal is inches away but I continue to walk miles
However will I make it how long do i have to fake smiles
Can’t stop this pain cuz it’s do or die
And you can’t find happiness cuz it’s probably a lie
I hide out today cry tomorrow
I just pray that God’s grace will follow
I try to run but it’s in front of my face
I gotta move faster get a more efficient pace
They tell you wait but instead you go
They tell you stop but the pain is in control
I can I fix it? what prayer can I say
I am ready to say it now I will say it everyday
Can’t stop this pain cuz it’s in control
It consumes you from your head and all the way to your toes
If I quit today would it matter tomorrow
I want to give up now and forget about tomorrow


Times get tough and we may feel like this, everything is a wave, things will come and go


Tera Gurl


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